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Application Solutions Pharmaceutical Manufacture of Pharma Tablet Coatings
Pharmaceutical Industry

Manufacture of Pharma Tablet Coatings

To make sure the medicine goes down safely and smoothly, many pharmaceutical products are coated or are available in easy-to-digest gel capsules.

Coatings are used on pharmaceutical tablets to:

  • Enhance appearance
  • Identify product
  • Protect tablets from moisture and other adverse conditions
  • Make easier swallowing
  • Shield the consumer from disagreeable tastes
  • Protect active ingredients from anatomical parts
  • Control release of active ingredient into body
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Additional Details

Tablet coatings typically consist of a sugar or cellulose-based binder, plasticizer, film-forming agent, and colorant. These ingredients come in granulated or powder form and are mixed with water or some other solvent.

The most common method has water added into a mixing vessel and the running mixer will create a vortex. The dry, granulated, or powder ingredients are added, drawn into the vortex, and after time, fully hydrated or dissolved. The finished coating is sprayed onto tablets. Using vacuum mixing methods creates air-free solutions for excellent coating uniformity.

We supply high-quality, long-lasting, and high-efficiency mixers and processing systems that deliver the precision, performance, consistency, and cleanliness you need to manufacture tablet coatings.

Use Scott Mixers's durable, reliable mixers and processors to:

  • Disperse and hydrate carbomers (coatings)
  • Disperse and hydrate gums and other ingredients (gel caps)
  • Eliminate lumps and fisheyes
  • Remove entrained air during hydration or dissolution
  • Eliminate the need for strainers or filters, optimizing ingredient usage and reducing waste
  • Reduce processing times

Providing The Product You Need

Whether testing out a new tablet coating or expanding your full-scale production, Hayward Gordon, Scott Mixers, and Sharpe Mixer deliver high-quality pumps, stainless mixers, and processing systems ideal for tablet coatings. Our equipment is durable, reliable, and easy to clean, which is important to your production team. 

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