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Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Mixing Equipment

Today’s pharmaceutical processes involve a wide range of liquid blending operations, with methods ranging from simple liquid blending or heat transfer challenges to gum and stabilizer dispersions, to complex emulsion creation. Product safety, product efficacy, and repeatable manufacturing are earmark requirements of this industry With a wide range of installation experience in the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology industries, EBARA Mixers draws upon experience and expertise to deliver mixing solutions that meet the needs of this industry segment.



Mixing Solutions

Providing The Technology You Need

Our technology covers a broad spectrum of mixing applications; low shear mixers for blending, suspending, and heat transfer, and high shear mixers for difficult dry ingredient incorporation and dispersion, and the mixing of immiscible liquid phases to produce emulsion preparations.

Our sanitary designs meet the rigorous hygienic and safety standards for GMP facilities. Scott Mixers Batch and Inline mixers and milling equipment are constructed of FDA-approved materials and many are 3-A certified and comply with strict cGMP requirements.

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These products can be either water-in-oil or oil-in-water emulsions, consisting of waxes, emollients, and lubricants dispersed in the oil phase; a water phase containing emulsifying, stabilizing, and thickening agents, preservatives; and in some cases, colorant. 

Active ingredients are dispersed in either phase or added when the emulsion has been formed and allowed to cool.

Use Scott Mixers equipment to:

  • Dissolve ingredients
  • Create stable emulsions.
  • Disperse of dyes and perfumes

Some ingredients are difficult to disperse, creating lumps and fisheyes. Our equipment can disperse ingredients quickly and in ambient temperature water. Our inline mixers ensure all material is uniform prior to being homogenized. Our high shear mixers disperse and emulsify, while low-speed agitators allow for the addition of colors and fragrances.

Traditionally, cough syrups and mixtures are mostly sucrose, maltodextrin, glucose, invert syrup, with the remainder consisting of thickening agents, stabilizers, flavors, colorants, and active ingredients.

Use Scott Mixers equipment to:

  • Rapidly add and dissolve sugar
  • Disperse and hydrate powdered ingredients
  • Blending uniformly
  • Provide smooth, agglomerate-free, homogeneous finish

Tablet coatings generally consist of sugar or cellulose-based binder, plasticizer, film-forming agents, and colorant. These ingredients are typically either granulated or powdered.

Use Scott Mixers equipment to:

  • Mix dry ingredients including cellulose gum thickeners, lump-free into solution
  • Fully dissolve ingredients
  • Uniformly disperse color

These solutions typically are formulated with a saline solution and a range of added ingredients, including cellulose gum thickening agents, surfactants, and active ingredients.

Use Scott Mixers equipment to:

  • Disperse and hydrate small amounts of ingredients
  • Dissolve salts
  • Add dry powders
  • Precisely add other ingredients

These products may use a hydrated viscosity modifying ingredient to maintain a uniform suspension when the API particles tend to float or settle.

Use Scott Mixers equipment to:

  • Disperse and hydrate small amounts of ingredients
  • Dissolve salts
  • Handle dry powders

Expertise You Expect

Whether developing new formulations, scaling-up to production, or improving your full-scale manufacturing, our technical sales and application experts have the knowledge and experience to engineer a mixing solution to meet your toughest challenges.

Scott Mixers and mixing solutions are backed by equipment Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT), QA, and full validation documentation packages.

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EBARA Mixers has the application experience, expertise, and equipment to provide mixers and system processing equipment you need to make high-quality products, reduce operating costs, improve product quality, and increase profitability.

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