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HydroMix® Hydraulic Mixing System


EBARA HG completed the union between its pumping and mixing experience by developing the HydroMix® hydraulic mixing system. HydroMix utilizes a Hayward Gordon solids handling or chemical processing pump to recirculate and discharge contents of a tank through strategically installed nozzles within the same tank. The resultant fluid jet out of the nozzles imparts energy onto the volume, initiating mixing and causing the tank contents to turn.


HydroMix systems develop a mixing regime in the fluid volume which consists of both circular and top to bottom fluid motion. The mixing regime is designed to promote the uniform blending of the contents and solids suspension.


All HydroMix projects are validated using Computational Fluid Dynamics. Hayward Gordon has over 20 years of experience using ANSYS CFD platforms to provide sound mixing solutions for its clients in the wastewater treatment, mining, petroleum, and chemical processing industries. 

To augment its Computational Fluid Dynamics analysis, EBARA HG can also conduct fluid rheology testing.


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Hayward Gordon designs all HydroMix Systems to develop the appropriate fluid velocities in greater than 90% of the tank to meet solid suspension and blending criteria for the specific application. 

HydroMix systems are designed to generate the required fluid velocities and develop environmental uniformity in reactors within 120 minutes of mixing initiation.

HydroMix hydraulic mixing system

HydroMix Nozzles are aimed to create top to bottom along with a rotational fluid motion which promotes solids suspension and hinders solids settlement/mounding.

The only rotating component of a HydroMix system is the centrifugal pump, which is typically installed outside the tank. Due to the nature of the mixing system concerns about ragged and detoriorated impellers within a tank are eliminated.

The HydroMix centrifugal pump can be easily isolated from the tank for maintenance using isolation valves. To conduct pump maintenance the tank does not need to be emptied. 

HydroMix nozzles are constructed with heavy duty abrasion resistant materials.  They require minimal maintenance and are manufactured with a 10 year warranty.

Through the use of Variable Frequency Drives connected to HydroMix centrifugal pumps. The system can be fine tuned to run on customized timed operational cycles to meet process needs and be more energy efficient.

HydroMix systems can be coupled with any of Hayward Gordon's centrifugal process or solids handling pumps. This enables the system to be used to mix a variety a different fluids and slurries.

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HydroMix hydraulic in-tank mixing system

Industries & Applications

A HydroMix system can be applied to meet the mixing requirements for a multitude of applications in various industries.

Common HydroMix Mixing Applications:

  • Anaerobic Digesters
  • Sludge Storage Tanks
  • Manure Digestion – Methane Production (RNG)
  • Equalization Tanks and Basins
  • Crude Oil Storage Tanks
  • Chemical Blending Tanks

Find the HydroMix application datasheet in the additional resources section and forward Hayward Gordon your specific application details.

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